Roasting Beans

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specializing in single origin beans

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Roasting Beans was started due to a simple love of coffee and our family's drive to keep moving forward.

Our son is autistic, he also has type 1 diabetes. 

When he was young he enjoyed stealing sips of my afternoon cold brew. We soon figured out coffee had a calming affect on him and didn't raise his blood sugar. Once we did our research we welcomed his new found love of coffee. 

This online social enterprise is set up to help our son with confidence, job training and having a place for him to move forward in whatever he wants to become in this journey.  

If this grows as we envision we will be able to expand and hire people with all types of disabilities. 

The bonus, we LOVE coffee, especially the process from plant to roast to brew. 

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We offer our coffee whole bean in sizes 7oz. 14oz. 32oz

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We are a micro/small batch coffee roaster specializing in single origin beans. 

We roast when your order is placed and payment is received.

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